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2022-09-24 04:16:22 By : Mr. Eric Chen

A factory owner was killed by a sharp weapon in the head

VadodaraIn Makarpura GIDC, a young man who was running a lathe machine factory was killed and his body was found from a garbage dump on Tarsali highway. Makarpura police have registered a case of murder and are investigating. It has been reported that the death occurred due to excessive drifting.

Originally from Bihar, Dilip Kumar Shambhusharan Kushwaha is currently living in Induyajniak Nagar behind Makarpura Depot along with his wife and children. Dilip Kumar runs a lathe machine factory in Makarpura GIDC. Yesterday morning he was supposed to take his wife Binduben to the hospital. At nine in the morning He said to his wife, I will come back to the factory in half an hour. And then he left the house with a bike. But, he did not return for half an hour, the wife called him on his mobile phone. But, the husband did not receive the phone. Son Santhosh made a call. After that, the family members went to search for Dilip Kumar. But, without finding any trace till evening, they finally went to Makarpura police station to report. But, the police said that you should search. If not, come in the morning.

Later this morning, Dilip Kumar’s body was found from a garbage heap on Tarsali highway. It was found that someone had inflicted a serious injury on his head with a sharp weapon. Police sources said that Dilip Kumar died due to excessive bleeding due to that injury. Meanwhile, the police have registered a case of murder based on the complaint of Dilip Kumar’s wife and are searching for the accused.

Father and daughter living in the neighborhood suspected to have killed

Earlier had threatened to kill

Vadodara,Bindudevi, the wife of the factory owner, told the police, “Three months ago, we bought a house in Ayodhya township behind Makarpura Air Force. The renovation work of that house is going on. Suresh Vishnubhai Jadav lives next to us. We and Suresh Jadav talked about the cost of the common wall of the house.” They asked us for 80,000 towards the cost of common wall. But, we decided to give 45,000. Out of which 15,000 were given in cash and 30,000 by cheque. But, Suresh Jadav and his daughter Khushbu quarreled with us from time to time. threatened to kill me. We have also filed a complaint with the police. So, I suspect that the father and daughter have killed my husband.

Missing after leaving the factory at 10:30 in the morning

Verification of CCTV installed on GIDC roads

Vadodara,As Dilip Kumar Makarpura went missing after coming to the factory in GIDC, he was reported missing in the Manjalpur police station. The investigation conducted by the police revealed that he had gone to the factory in the morning. He leaves after finishing work at 10:00 p.m. But, after that he does not reach home. The police are examining the CCTV camera footage installed at GIDC to get information about where Dileep went after leaving the factory.

Mobile and bike not found yet

Vadodara,The police are currently investigating various theories. However, no concrete link has been found yet. Who did the deceased speak to last? Who sent the message? Police have started studying the CDR to check the last location. Dilip Kumar’s bike and mobile phone have not been found yet. .